Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Solo Batik Fashion

Fashion show did not have to be held in a convention hall or hotel-star luxury. In Solo, still lively despite the fashion show was held only in the parking market. Ten designer batik fashion show in the middle highlight the thousands of pairs of eyes, Tuesday, June 22, 2010. Ten designers show off work that was exhibited by the hundreds of models. Not all models experienced. Dozens of batik lovers who are members of the Association of Rachael's Clothing Surakarta become impromptu model, featuring batik kebaya alloys from various regions of the archipelago.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kate Hudson Style

World of celebrity life is always interesting to peel completely. One thing that always wants to know the public is the appearance of celebrity itself. One actress who has always been a target of the U.S. entertainment media conversation is Kate Hudson. But this time we peeled her fashion tastes. Here are some secrets of the fashionable Kate Hudson's appearance.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Christian Dior Cruise 2010 Collection

John Galliano successfully moved to Shanghai to Paris Dior Cruise Collection show in 2011. Without dramatic theatrical, performances Galliano for Christian Dior fashion house may feel less seasoned. However, not Galliano if not a surprise present on the catwalk. Despite removing his signature style filled with drama, does not mean that British designers are not able to present a compelling collection, especially for the show's debut in Shanghai.

In this interview with Style.com, Galliano said, Asia is an important market for Dior. Therefore, he wants to adjust the resort collections are brought to Shanghai. Collections in accordance with the nuance of Asia, but it are still remained France taste. Moreover, these collections are also displayed as part of the celebration of the opening flagship Dior store in Shanghai, China. Latest Dior boutique in Shanghai is located at Plaza 66 and the interior was designed by Peter Marino.

At the inauguration of the boutique, in addition to cruise collection fashion shows, also at the same Dior launched a new fragrance variant, Escale a Shanghai. For that, Galliano took the Sixties-chic styles that are inspired by the wave of French New Wave. The show which took place on the banks of the Huangpu River starts with a video clip titled Lady Blue Shanghai, starring Marion Cotillard and directed by David Lynch. This is also done at Chanel last year.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jelly Shoes in Trend Now

Peeps said plastic is evil because it can damage the environment. Oops, it means that if we wear shoes made from plastic which now become a trend and funny, then we are categorized as a bad person? But they don’t get to fearful! Not necessarily ...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to outsmart Skinner Body with a Big Bust

Need tricks to outsmart fit for existing deficiencies in our bodies? One of them by choosing clothes that fit. If you're tall and skinny body, but rather large in the chest, how do you will look balanced? Here some of the tips to outsmart it.

Do try this

Friday, January 22, 2010

Edo Hutabarat touch for modern Batik

Who would have thought that Batik which used identical to the parent currently Batik has up in class level. After batik Indonesia gained recognition as the world heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization in October last year, damaged the country into batik lovers. Batik is now familiar on all parties, from children to adolescents.

Edward Hutabarat is one of the designers who have to attach attention to the young batik. Men are usually called Edo, including digging a consistent designer inspired artistic and cultural richness of Indonesia. He re-carves the work of translating creative inspiration and Indonesia in the spirit of the modern breath closely with young style.

The spirit of idealism original designer of North Sumatra is in addition to presenting the showroom for ready-made clothing designs, the shop serves as a space of dialogue, communication, and exchange ideas and experiences, especially for artist friends, both from within and abroad, interested in culture of Nusantara About batik become a mainstay of his work, Edo argues that batik is suitable for the tropics, such as Indonesia. He makes it into a resort style casual clothes that can be worn for leisure. Moreover, the activity observed Edo young people today are sticking with the field of creativity without boundaries, which was stuck in her formal dress.
With nimble, for example, presents Edo long chiffon dress pleated silk, striped cotton shirt A bright patterned Hokokai, semiresmi dress and long jacket. All are designed with special touches and detail work, combined with a motif match striped, plaid and denim as an accent to sweeten the appearance of the wearer. Along with the opening of this boutique, Edo launched a book titled The Backstage, portraying the story behind the scenes life of Indonesia's creative industries. Especially the lives of the artisan in childbirth many works of art and culture are amazing.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

No google in china

Management information seekers most popular pages, Google, plan to close all its operations in China. Google admitted that he had not put up with attacks of the hackers (hackers) who disrupt computer systems at the country's Panda. As a result, Goggle will no longer cooperate with the government of China to censor all the data and information pages for Internet users there. According to the investigation of Google, the attack was intended to track the movement human rights activities around the world that use e-mail service Google.

Dozens of activists Gmail accounts based in Europe, China and the United States has routinely accessed by using third-party malware injected in the computer. This will furiously attack; Google issued a statement that they would no longer perform filtering on their search engine in China. Google, since established in China in 2006, was forced to submit to the regulations of China that they should filter out content, such as the smell of pornography and related sensitive issues.

With the lid Google's activities in China, Drummond said that his company no longer censoring the data page of Google’s information seekers speaks Mandarin. Google then will meet with authorities in China are able to operate a search page that does not censored in China.

Although plan out of China, Google claims remain to monitor the restrictions in the country and always review their decisions periodically. Google themselves aware of their decisions is very heavy. They explained that these steps are driven by the executives in the United States, without them knowing that the workers in China have been working very hard to make a successful Google.cn.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pen Spinning, from old school to trend

Pen spinning is the most exciting game when we were waiting, but who would have thought of the fun begins, pen spinning into the world trend. There is no information about the origin of pen spinning. The earliest record comes from the pen spinning a student in pre-World War II in Japan. While some Asian countries do pen spinning in the 1990s, this is the basic tricks such as Finger Thumbaround and Pass. Today, there are more variations and types of tricks, such as the Shadow, the tub, which Twisted Sonic Bust or Sonic.

Pen spinning is known as "pen mawashi" or "r┼Źnin mawashi". Pen spinning has become a popular hobby since the 1970s, and in which the Pen Spinning Association Japan is now dedicated to promoting the art form aspires. While still not clear origins, pen-play quickly gained international popularity through on-line video sharing and forum. According to the Masaki Tsukada, chairman of Japanese pen spinning, pen spinning now has dedicated movement in South Korea and the United States.

Pen Spinningbecome a world trend just because of mushrooming sites about this hobby. Go down the pen has turned the site and forum has been increased since 2006, opening more local boards of France, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. Pen spinning has become an arena show of skill through the tournament which was held on the internet and live tournament held in Japan and Korea.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fascinating Fireworks on Burj Dubai Opening

History has been carved. The world's tallest building has been inaugurated in ceremony dramatic fireworks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. by Sheikh Mohammed at the same time commemorating mounting the throne became the Emir of Dubai. On that occasion and inaugurated change the name of the Burj Dubai became Khalifa Bin Zayed Burj or Burj Khalifa. Building a pen-shaped eye has a height 828 meters, much higher than the previous record holder, Taipei 101.

Burj Dubai Development began in 2004, while Dubai is at the peak of economic growth. And today, even though Dubai was hit by the crisis, but the development of the world's tallest tower was finally finished, too. Burj Dubai high-rise more than 800 meters and has more than 160 floors. Burj Dubai started to break some record of the world's tallest building, the number of floors at most, the farthest and fastest elevator (64 km / h), and the highest tower of view.

Burj Dubai offers 900 apartments from 19 to 108 floors. This apartment consists of a small start-type studio, to apartment one, two, three and 4 floors. The apartment dwellers will be spoiled with a fitness center, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and recreation rooms, all luxurious. There are more supermarkets, a room for the audience tobacco, libraries and of course vallet parking for 3000 vehicles.

Four-floor health club is also open to the public. It contained no specific women's gymnasium, spa and swimming pool. Burj Dubai also had a 11 hectare park with a beautiful fountain 6th place, two tennis courts, and playground kids. The opening ceremony took place in a crowd. 6000 invited guests attended the event which took place 1325 days after the first foundation of this building is put.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Earth to Black Hole is Closer

As reported by Media Indonesia Astronomers have accurately measured the distance between the Earth and the black hole for the first time. Apparently, the distance is closer. The researchers determined that the black hole called V404 Cygni is located 7800 light years from Earth. This means that more than half the distance previously assumed. This puts the black hole is relatively close to Earth. Just so you know, the distance to the central black hole galaxy about 26,000 light-years away.

Measurements are more accurate distance allows scientists to paint a better picture about the evolution of black holes evolve. "For example, we hope to answer questions about the matter the difference between a black hole that has evolved directly from the collapse of a supernova star without a black hole that has evolved through the supernova and from temporary secondary star.

Jonker and his team know the distance of Earth to the V404 Cygni to measure radio emissions from dying stars that are exploited black hole. As the outer layers of the star being sucked by a black hole, the gas that formed around the hot plasma disk around the black hole before it disappears. This process is a lot of X rays and radio waves. The team used a radio telescope called the High Sensitivity Array.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Green froofs best solution

Green Roof is a topic that has long been discussed by many people for green earth again. Some decades ago had preached about the building in Jakarta who started greening in the roof of the building (Green roofs) to reduce the heat slightly and at the same time beautifying. However, it does not just apply to buildings, the roof of our house can be transformed into green.

Making the park above or in the upper house, flat and was able to put the plants not only make your home or a little more beautiful but also can reduce heat in the house. According to existing data, if the plant is in the roof has about 10 cm high it can reduce air conditioning usage around 25%. A room located directly below the Green Roof has a lower air temperature is around 3-4 ° Celsius compared with the air temperature outside the room.

In addition to providing little cool atmosphere in the house, the plants in the house (green roof) also can reduce the damage to the roof, a cracked concrete example and so on. Green Roof also function as air filters that make the air cleaner and as an information, one square meter of grass on the roof can remove approximately 0.2 kg of dirty air particles each year. Let's do the little things for this world.

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