Friday, June 11, 2010

Jelly Shoes in Trend Now

Peeps said plastic is evil because it can damage the environment. Oops, it means that if we wear shoes made from plastic which now become a trend and funny, then we are categorized as a bad person? But they don’t get to fearful! Not necessarily ...

Because you can choose from Melissa Shoes! Jelly shoes are so many favorite girl in the world is made from plastic. But who makes these shoes are environmentally friendly material is easy to clean and not easily broken or durable. Means we can reduce plastic waste. Not just that, the production processes these shoes also do not produce the form of industrial waste water or gas. That is Eco-friendly or environmentally friendly to the earth.

Melissa Shoes Factory in Brazil practically 'zero-waste'. This brand also took designers like Vivienne Westwood, even the architect Zaha Hadid to design shoes. The result, cute and irresistible shoes!

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