Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to outsmart Skinner Body with a Big Bust

Need tricks to outsmart fit for existing deficiencies in our bodies? One of them by choosing clothes that fit. If you're tall and skinny body, but rather large in the chest, how do you will look balanced? Here some of the tips to outsmart it.

Do try this

• Wear your boss with a darker tone than the color of your skirt or pants. Also, make sure your boss clothes remained simple in part around the chest in order to not attract too much attention.
• Disguise the chest by wearing piled clothes or known as layering, like a mix of harem dress with this sleek blazer.
• To look balanced, match grayish shirt with a cheerful flared floral skirt. This trick is successfully diverting attention!
• Do not hesitate to wear patterned! Motifs in part around the chest are also okay anyway, but you have to select motifs that have a small size.

Do not try this

• Avoid wearing brightly boss colored tight because will just make your breasts look bigger.
• Say no to dress with lot of ruffles details and also detail in the chest “like a corset or tank top", because these details will only attract more attention because it sounded unique.

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