Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A café in Toilet??!!

Awww…it’s gross!! Perhaps, it might be the first impression when you hear about this. But I am sorry to disappoint you in hearing a good news, this Toilet Café is very real! It takes place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, named Marton Theme Restaurant. “Matong” is taken from Chinese word for toilet. In this restaurant people eating out of a bathroom toilet, even the ice cream menu are presentation in “pup” like, just like ours…yaiks!! But hey, this people are having great fun in there.

According to the owner of the restaurant, Eric Wang, he choose for this décor in offering additional fun, in case, to make customers think disgusting and exaggerated. The restaurant has a bathroom decor, with colorful toilet seat being the standard chairs at the restaurant. It also serves food in plates and bowls shaped like western loo seats and Japanese “squat” toilets. Customers sits by a tables converted from a bathtub with a glass cover while looking at a wall decorated with neon-lit faucets and urinals turned into lamps.

How about the price? No worries because they don’t cost much, a meal set including soup and ice cream only cost 150 to 250 Taiwan dollars.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hohoho…give me the money!!

Santa Claus always makes people happy, especially the children. Every December, he comes and gives Christmas gifts away. This Santa is different from Nashville one, he rob a bank! An armed man robbed a bank in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The robbery went smoothly because the visitors do not suspect the culprit was a 'Santa Claus'.

In the 25th december 2009, a man is dressed Santa‘s attributes carrying firearms while doing the action. Fully dressed with a red coat, hat and Santa-style beard, he drains the cash in the bank teller. In the CCTV recording of SunTrust Bank, does not appear with the robber's face. Now, he has entered in the search list of police and drawings have been distributed to a number of areas.

Physical characteristics of the man have brown hair color with heights of about 180 cm. But not yet clear how much money had been robbed. Ummm ... he's perhaps previously a naughty boy who wanted to become Santa’s sequel, the good and the bad.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tavi Gevinson - blog brings her luck

Starting from her personal blog addresses in Tavi brings her to become top commentator in the first row in world class fashion show. Tavi, 13 years old girl sitting side by side with the stars, fashion magazine editors and the fashions’ world. Tavi blog readers until now have reached in the fantastic numbers, about 4 million people.

Tavi started writing blog since October 2008, at the time she was only 12 years old. Since the first time to write blog, tavi have focused on the fashion world that she had been falled in love to. In fact, her parents do not know their daughter's activities, until their lil Tavi ask for permission to interview by New York Times magazine.

In her blog, tavi often discuss about fashion performance in various countries, along with clothes or shoes used by the models. Many world’s designers are lining up to be commented their work by tavi. Right now, Tavi has her own clothes design.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Excentric Spa!!

who does not like the sensation of a spa? Or who does not like to indulge in a spa? Surely all people, especially women like to spent the day to the home of beauty and spa. As we know, spa is the pleasure solution to relax yourself after work.

The kowakien Yunessun Spa in Wakahone offers something that is unextraordinary used in home of spa. Spa generally use some useful material for the skin like milk and spices efficacious. However, this spa is very different from usual.this home of spa used bottles of red wine. yes ... they call it wine spa where the spa is filled with the original red wine with a quality number one. There are about a dozen bottles of red wine poured into the pool every hot springs, the most unique is in the middle of the pond there is a large wine bottle with length 3.6 m.

This eccentric spa owner not only provides wine spa, sake spa is also available in addition to luxurious spa which they offer for the visitors. Anyway, if you were there, you must have been drunk because most drinking wine.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to Juicy Morning…!

Hi, everyone! It’s me with a brand new fresh blog, will bring you Juicy information from all over the world just as fresh as Morning impression. Therefore the information in the Juicy Morning will different from the others, because we will try to always give the best, of course, our information we served will be useful for your knowledge and most of all very entertaining.

So be prepared! Your days will fill up with Juicy Morning…

With Love

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