Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Solo Batik Fashion

Fashion show did not have to be held in a convention hall or hotel-star luxury. In Solo, still lively despite the fashion show was held only in the parking market. Ten designer batik fashion show in the middle highlight the thousands of pairs of eyes, Tuesday, June 22, 2010. Ten designers show off work that was exhibited by the hundreds of models. Not all models experienced. Dozens of batik lovers who are members of the Association of Rachael's Clothing Surakarta become impromptu model, featuring batik kebaya alloys from various regions of the archipelago. Most of them are in the middle-aged. Appropriate characteristic Princess Solo, they walk slowly and supple on the catwalk. Naturally, their clothes are not allowed to use the wide and fast stepping. Viewers can also enjoy fine batik Solo model is designed as formal clothing more closely. Although fixed-themed batik kebaya, the next presenter to be different. Tuti Kebaya designs appear more festive with the addition of flower motifs on the kebaya worn by the model. Batik is also subject to more varied, due to adopt some abstract patterned batik.

Batik lovers are spoiled with the design featuring Irine Bridal wedding dress patterned batik. Briefly, a white wedding dress is displayed similar to other European-style clothing. Only, the white cloth decorated with flower-shaped motifs. The bridesmaid's clothes are also decorated with batik elements. Unfortunately, no clothes for the groom is shown in the demonstration. The draft presented by the designer of glamorous enough Joko Budi CNS, presented by 29 models. Former dancer fashion show with the theme of The Legend of Rama and Shinta. In accordance with a theme that was delivered, a former dancer is inspired by the story of puppet characters in the story of Ramayana.

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